Delta T Beta update: Build clan bases in real world locations

Delta T Beta update: Build clan bases in real world locations

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The most fun I’ve had playing games were with franchises such as Red Alert, Rise of Nations and Age of Empires. A core reason that these games were so addictive was their strong base building mechanic. Base building helps elevate the level of strategy and nuance in gameplay and also allows for endless variations in how each player plays the game. We felt that this was an element that was sorely missing in Augmented Reality games and we’re looking to introduce it in ‘Delta T’.

Delta T features a base building mechanic that takes the base building action we know and love from the virtual world to the real-world locations. Players can now set up their own clan base to protect energy cores in the area. This will help them secure the cores they have already captured and avoid having to run around in circles to recapture their cores.

Bases can be equipped with mods found through fractal mining and can be levelled up by contributing energy and TC. Every level up adds dominance rings to the base that can be equipped with even more mods. This allows players to customize their base endlessly based on the inventory they find around them. However, if not enough cores are linked to the base, these mods can destabilize the base leading to a meltdown.

Players belonging to a clan need to coordinate among themselves to decide which mods to install or cores to link. Members of the clan can organize hunts to mine for specific mods or can even trade amongst each other to ensure that the base is equipped with the strongest mods. This helps encourage collaborative gameplay between clan members and makes them work together to ensure that the base is not sabotaged.

These bases can be linked to other bases belonging to the same Megacorp. The length of these links and the level of these bases will be a major factor used to calculate dominance in the game. This dominance is calculated in weekly cycles so it becomes essential to defend your base at all times. As bases are the core mode of establishing dominance we believe that these clan bases will be hubs of activity in the game and in turn in real life. Whether it be clan member fortifying base defenses or enemy players trying to take it down, bases will help ramp up interaction between players in a city.

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