Delta T introduces Fractal Mining and Global Trade!

Delta T introduces Fractal Mining and Global Trade!

Delta T Fractal mining

We are introducing a brand-new gameplay dynamic into the Delta T universe called ‘Fractal Mining’. It uses the fractal geometry of nature to locate ‘flux fields’ that can be used for inter-temporal fracking. These fractal patterns have the power to influence and manipulate our spatiotemporal reality. They can be mined by players to obtain items and inventory from the future.

Rare and high-level inventory and weapons can be found at these flux fields for limited periods of time. However, this inventory once picked up by a player is permanently removed from the location so it’s a race against time to find them.

What’s new?

  • Scan button is now enabled

You can now scan for weapons, mods and other inventory in your close vicinity using fracking. This scan will reveal a list of all the items around you and you can choose which one to track down. If you are running short on core seeds, base seeds or high-level weapons this is the perfect way to obtain them.

  • Find rare inventory by ‘fracking’ your way to flux fields

Triangulation is the first phase of the ‘Fractal Mining’ game mechanic. This method can be used to pinpoint the approximate location of the item. It uses a combination of memorization, skills of perception and logic to help you decipher the coordinates of the item. Since the field is in a state of constant flux it is subject to the uncertainty principle and can only dictate the probability of an item’s presence.

  • We are opening up Global Trade

We have now enabled Global Trade and it is no longer locked by proximity. Urban Exploration will increase the number of items in the economy and you can trade these high-level weapons to gain TC. You can now trade with any operative belonging to any Megacorp across the world, all you need is their Alias in Delta T.

  • Brand new animations

There are changes in the animations and particle effects for few weapons and actions. This will give players a sneak-peek into what they can expect for the beta.

  • Clans will now unlock at L5

The Clan Gameplay of ‘Delta T’ will now be unlocked when you reach L5. This will lead to an increase in the number of clans being formed and will reduce the existing barriers to Clan Gameplay.

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