Delta T closed alpha is now out on Playstore!

Delta T closed alpha is now out on Playstore!


Check out the brand new features and gameplay elements in the Delta T alpha

After months of anticipation, the closed alpha of Delta T releases this November. There has been a fundamental shift in the gameplay of Delta T to make it more community centric and exciting for our players. The alpha is aimed at functionality testing and also to gauge the acceptance of the new gameplay mechanics at work. The UI and animations for the alpha version are very rudimentary and we will be revamping it completely for the beta version and beyond. We seek to get some pointed feedback at the early stages so we can course correct if required. The alpha will be released to over 5,000 players across the world and will sow the seeds of Delta T community we hope to develop in the coming year.

Here is what can you expect from the alpha!

Pledge your allegiance to a Megacorp and join the global war for dominance

This is the first step towards becoming part of the Delta T universe. You can choose from the four warring Megacorps based on your convictions in their brand of tech. You can also choose to join a specialized wing that defines your roleplay in the game.

Players can choose from Military, Research, and Engineering each of the wings have special abilities and can carry out specific tasks in the game. The roleplay within the game is based on the players choosing from these wings and playing off each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Capture energy cores, destroy opponent clan bases and acquire territory for your Megacorp

The gameplay of Delta T revolves around capturing enemy cores and clan bases for your megacorp. Enemy cores are often under the protection of clan bases and player will have to defeat enemy mods installed on the base to capture cores. The cores are the key POIs in the game and have to be captured to increase the dominance of your Megacorp.

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Build and defend clan bases with your friends

Clan Warfare is the major new element in Delta T. Players can choose to start their own clans within their Megacorps. This enables a host of additional features and gameplay modes for the players. Clans can create their own bases which can protect Megacorp cores from enemy attack. Bases can also be equipped with mods (Military enhancements) that fortify the structure and can attack enemy factions.


Explore your city to find and acquire prized weapons and inventory- Coming Soon!

The newest feature addition to the alpha is the “Urban Exploration” and “Triangulation” which is the primary method in which players can find and acquire new inventory. Players can scan for items in their vicinity and choose from a list of items around them. The players will then have to play a small minigame to find the approximate location of the item and then comb the area to find it.



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