Frequently asked questions

1. What is DELTA T?

Delta T is an Augmented Reality Mobile MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game with Role Playing elements. It transforms the urban landscape into a warzone with the help of Augmented Reality technology.

The game is set in a dystopian future where four Megacorps are warring against each other for world dominance. They reach out to players in the present to help them alter the timelines of rival Megacorps  and erase them.

2. What is the basic gameplay of Delta T?

In the game you can:-
1. Pledge your allegiance to a Megacorp and join the global war for dominance
2. Build and defend clan bases with your friends
3. Capture cores, destroy opponent clan bases and acquire territory for your Megacorp
4. Explore your city to find and acquire prized weapons and inventory

3. Where do I download DELTA T?

Sign up for Delta T on The link to download will be sent to the registered email id.

4. Which devices and platforms are supported?

Delta T supports all Android devices that run on Android v 4.01 (Jellybean) and above. The beta version of Delta T is only for Android. A version for iOS is scheduled post the final release.

5. How to create an account?

Download Delta T on your smartphone or tablet. Sync with your Gmail id and follow in-game instructions to create your Delta T account.

6. How to link different devices?

The game is linked to your Google Play account and can be accessed through any smartphone or tablet from the same account.

7. Why do I need to enable my location?

The Delta T universe revolves around location based gameplay. The gameplay map is dynamic and changes with your location, you will have to enable the location to allow GPS tracking for the game.

8. Delta T for iOS

The beta version of Delta T is only for Android. A version for iOS is scheduled post the final release.

Getting started in Delta T

1. How do I change my Megacorp?

You cannot change your  Megacorp once chosen. You will have to create another profile to choose any other Megacorp.

2. What are the different wings to choose from in Delta T?

There are three wings in Delta T to suit every gamers psyche and play style. Pick your perfect fit based on the descriptions below.



Suitable for players with a strategic bent of mind. Entrusted with the responsibility of creating clan bases and installing prototype mods.



Suitable for players who are adept technicians. Responsibilities include maintaining clan bases and installing auxiliary mods.



Suitable for players who are constantly on the move. Responsibilities include capturing new territory, defending their clan and installing tactical mods.


3. What are the currencies in the game?

The primary currency within the game is Energy. The secondary currency is Time Credits (TC).

4. How can I earn energy in the game?

You can harvest energy from cores all around you. Energy can be harvested from both allied cores as well as rival cores.

  • Select the Core on the battle map and click on the ‘Harvest’ button.
  • Energy harvested from an allied core will be higher than a rival core of the same level.
5. How can I earn Time Credits?

The entire virtual economy of the game revolves around TC (Time Credits). Earning more TC is essential to advance within the game and to unlock new upgrades and weapon generators. You can earn time credits in different ways within the game such as:

  • Loot - When you capture an enemy core or clan base you earn TC and in-game inventory.
  • Trading - You can trade inventory on the trade hub in exchange for Time Credits.
  • Salary - The parent Megacorp gives you a salary depending on your level, rank and respect  within the game.
6.What is rank?

Delta T follows a unique ranking system where rank in the game translates into respect in the real world amongst the Delta T community.
Ranks are awarded based on the top percentile of players in the region. The higher your rank in the local gamer community, the more other players will look up to you.
The Rank correlates to the Respect you hold in the community. For any segment, the total number of ranks would be limited to 8, which implies that all new players start at rank 8 and can be at a maximum of rank 1 at the most at any given time. The rankings are calculated on a weekly basis against the average of the respect held by the user every week.

7. What is Respect?

Respect is dependent on actions, which create a positive or a negative  impact for the Megacorp.

You can earn respect by

  • Contributing energy or TC towards upgrading cores and/or bases
  • Capturing enemy cores
  • Seeding a core

When you start playing Delta T, you are assigned an initial base respect which can deviate to the positive or negative based on your actions.

8. What is Tradehub ?

The Tradehub is the in-game chat and trade system of ‘Delta T’ that works on a vicinity model. You get to see all the posts or notifications, which are within your vicinity. This hub is constantly updated as you move, with information from all posts within the radius.

The Tradehub can be used to :-

  • To ask for trading weapons or mods.
  • To advertise availability of mods/weapons for trade
  • To call for meetings to strategize or discuss the future attacks or gameplay.
  • To socialize with co-players.
9. Can I chat with other players?

You can chat with other players around the world using the Global chat mode and can chat with player from the same Megacorp in your vicinity by choosing the Faction chat mode.


1. Inventory

Time Credits: This is the in-game currency for purchasing weapons and upgrades


Core Seed: Seeds are used to plant Cores. Seeds grow into Cores provided the player has enough Time Credits and Energy.


Base Seed: The base seed is used to plant a Megacorp base. It can be picked up and handled only by players belonging to the Research wing.The base seed needs to be planted in the vicinity of a core to create a clan base.


Cores: These are sites where players will be able to capture energy, which in turn is used to generate weapons from generators.


Generators: These are used to generate weapons in the game. The more the generators you unlock the more weapons you can generate within the game.

2. What are the different weapons and mods available in the game?

Types of weapons:


Ballistic Type: Projectile

Ballistic Projectiles can be directly aimed at a core or on a mod. They are target locked and have a more focused blast radius.



Creates a powerful EMP burst that disables any core or mods under the area of influence and temporarily deactivates base defenses. This can be used in combination with projectile weapons for maximum impact.


Locust Type: AOE

It creates a power drought in the area of influence and reduces the power generated by the affected energy cores temporarily. Every time the weapon is deployed the rate of energy drain reduces.


Earther Type: P2P

It neutralizes the energy core by dissipating energy into the ground. It overrides the core defenses by tripping multiple breakers within the core.


Linear Shorter Type: P2P

It short circuits the energy core by linking it to a more powerful allied core. It overloads the core defenses and effectively neutralizes the core.


Vortex Type: Targeted at enemy players

This weapon can be used to directly target an opposing player. It drains energy from opposing players within the area of effect and transfers part of that energy to you. It is ineffective against enemy mods or cores.


Loki  Type: Deceptive

Named after the god of trickery this weapon is a gamble that may or may not pay off. The weapon is purely chance based. It transforms enemy cores into any of the four Megacorp’s cores at random, if used on a Mod it transforms to any other Mod at random.


Types of Mods


Night Cloud

Releases a thick impenetrable fog that reduces visibility within the area of influence and causes severe disorientation. It offers a distinct tactical advantage by temporarily affecting the ability of enemies to respond to attacks.



The mod absorbs incoming attacks and converts it into usable energy. It shares this energy to the cores under its influence. It is especially effective if the base is under siege by opposing Megacorps.



Once installed on a base ring the mirror deflects any incoming attacks and deals part of the damage back to the attacker. The higher the damage inflicted on the mod the higher is the energy drained from the player.


Plasma Shield

The Plasma shield is used to deflect any incoming attacks. It uses shockwave attenuation to stop weapons dead in their tracks. The buffer zone created by the shield overheats the enemy weapons rendering them harmless temporarily.


Solar Power

The Mod is powered by photovoltaic conversion. It increases power production efficiency of the core and decreases the total power consumption of a base helping the base self-sustain to a certain extent. This mod cannot power the base directly.



It optimizes mod capacity on base rings and opens up slots by compressing existing mods. The higher the level of the compactor the more slots are available for storage. The power requirement of any mods deployed on compacter slots is higher than normal mods.


Game Play

1. What is my main objective in Delta T?
  • The gameplay of Delta T revolves around the battle between the four Megacorps. Your major objective is to set up a large network of Cores for your megacorp and also capture enemy Cores.
  • The game also has a clan warfare element where you defeat and eliminate rival players clans. Defeated clans  have their timelines altered and this affects the outcome of the larger war for dominance between the Megacorps.
2. How do I create a core?

 You can create a core by planting a ‘Seed’ at your desired location.

  • ‘Seed’ is part of your inventory in the game and is needed to plant a Core.
  • You can deploy the seed at any place of your choice.
  • This seed, given you have the right amount of Time Credits, Energy and Growth Time, grows into a Core
  • Once the seed grows into a Core you can capture it by energizing it.
  • This core will then become an allied Core of your Megacorp
3. How to harvest energy from a Core?

 You can harvest energy from both allied cores as well as rival cores

  • Select the Core on the battle map and click on the ‘Harvest’ button
4. How to capture a Core?

 Capturing enemy cores is the best way to establish the dominance of your Megacorp.

  • Enemy cores have to brought to a neutral state before they can be captured for your Megacorp.
5. How to upgrade a Core?

 You can upgrade a Core belonging to your Megacorp by spending TC and Energy to upgrade it.

  • Each upgrade increases the defenses of the Core.
  • This makes it harder for rival players to capture the Core.
6. How to level-up within Delta T?

 You can  use experience points (XP) to level up within the game.

  • You earn experience points within the game by completing milestones in the game like capturing cores or defeating clans.
  • Levelling up expands your inventory capacity, and your energy capacity.
  • Levelling up increases your chance to receive higher level weapons/mods as loot.
7. How can I upgrade my weapon generators?

 Weapon generators can be upgraded through in game tasks

Each Generator corresponds to a certain skill or task within the game and can be upgraded by performing that action or task.

Fractal Mining & Triangulation

What is Fractal Mining?

Fractal Mining is a process used to discover rare items and high-level inventory around you at flux fields.

The process of Fractal Mining can be initiated from the scan button. You can then select an item to mine from the list that appears and find its coordinates by triangulation.

2. How do I find weapons near me using triangulation?

You can find weapons, mods and other inventory around you using the scan button. This allows you  to select from a list of items in your vicinity and find their approximate location. Once an item is selected through the scan then four buttons will appear on the map screen. Each of these buttons corresponds to a triangular area. These triangles are arranged in such a way that the intersection of the triangles gives you the coordinates of the item (Triangulation).

Clan Creation

1. How do I create a clan?

You can create clans within your Megacorp and play with your close friends. Creating a clan requires three founders from the three wings Research, Military and Engineering respectively. You can invite founders using the invite system during clan formation.

2. How do I create a clan base?

You can create a clan base by planting a base seed in the vicinity of a core. The base seed can only be handled/planted by players belonging to the Research wing. Players belonging to the Research Wing acquire a base seed on reaching level 5. It can also be acquired through exploration and loot.

Clan Base

1. What is a base?

Each clan can set up its own base to defend cores of their Megacorp in the area. The base activates clan features such as clan chat, storage and mods. The base is powered by cores under its influence and can be fortified with mods to protect these cores.

2. What are mods?

Mods are enhancements that can be equipped on base ring slots. Mods help to defend the base against enemy attack.

3. What are base rings?

Each base will have influence rings attached to them. Every time a base will level up, an influence ring will spawn around the outermost ring. If there is already a ring present, the new ring will spawn outside the current outermost ring. The maximum rings will depend on the maximum levels of the base. Each ring will have certain number of mod slots attached to it which can be equipped with mods to defend the base against enemy attack.

4. What are mod slots?

Mod slots are storage slots which are present on the influence rings of the base. These mod slots can be equipped with mods that can help defend the base.

5. What is a meltdown?

The clan base is powered by the cores under its area of influence. The power consumption of the clan is dependent on the base level as well as the number of mods equipped on it. If the power supplied by the cores is less than the power consumption of the base then the base enters meltdown and loses its base rings one by one until the power deficit is met.