What we learned from 48 hours of intensive game testing!

What we learned from 48 hours of intensive game testing!


The gamer isn’t a moron, she is your wife, so start listening.

We got down to the functional testing our product ‘Delta T’ last week. The immense feedback we have received from avid gamers has been an absolute goldmine. In game development as in any other product, the creators often are blindsided by practical considerations of the business and don’t focus enough on what the customer feedback. We were sure that this was not a manhole we wanted to fall into. We wanted to test the game at every stage of its development, to course correct if required.

We are still testing ‘Delta T’ through our #Betatesting program and gamers from across the world are now playing the beta on their very own handsets. We have received a lot of love and a lot of brickbats as well and we are definitely thankful for both.

Here are a few insights from our #Betatesting program

Gamers don’t like tutorials

In fact, they avoid them like the plague unless it is seamlessly integrated into the user experience. We assumed gamers wouldn’t mind going through the detailed tutorial we had made, 5 seconds into the game. Boy, were we wrong, we’ve decided to make the tutorial more interactive and less boring (no more TL;DR). We also have the elaborate one but we’ve stored it away so you can take a look at it at your convenience.

Gamers like to know what they’re fighting for

You can’t expect people to battle towards something if they don’t get an update on how their action influence the outcome of events. In ‘Delta T’ each agent is part of a Megacorp and are working towards increasing the dominance of their respective Megacorps. This dominance should be reflected not just as part of the backend but also in real time to get the player more competitive. We are working on a way to chart out this path.

We need to be more visual

The storytelling aspects of the game are much easier for the gamer to digest if there is a combination of strategy as well as visual elements. Camera AR was always something we wanted to delve into post perfecting the functionality aspect. We are planning to introduce 3D models into the game in the later stages.

Nobody likes a Debbie downer

No gamer would want their progress in the game hindered due to server issues. Sessions after sessions were an integral part in getting this far so it’s integral that this data is protected and secure. The importance of load testing cannot be undermined especially for MMORPGs.

We are looking at integrating all the feedback as soon as possible into the next build. Stay tuned for more updates on this space.

We are still in the testing process and every suggestion is welcome! Sign up now on http://deltatgame.com/sign-up-for-beta/


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