It’s all about location, location, location!

It’s all about location, location, location!


The gaming axiom for 2016!

No, this blog doesn’t have anything to do with the property business. But some axioms are universal and seems this one definitely fits the bill. 2016 might as well be hailed as the year that location based games took the world by storm. The technology has been around in a rudimentary form since 2010 when location-based apps like Foursquare started delving into gamification.

Ever since the release of Pokemon Go, however, we are seeing renewed interest in location based games and in Augmented Reality. The question that begs asking here is why is there suddenly such a big fuss about tech that has been around for more than a decade (Which in the timeline of gamers is the dark ages).

We believe the reason location based games are attracting so much attention is the way that it allows for gameplay to be customized and localized. When the gamer has the choice to play with their own friends or with people around them it makes the context so much more local and relatable. This kind of hyperlocal action produces a high (similar to swiping right on Tinder) since the players are in and around their vicinity. There is a chance at building a connection with a real person with a shared interest which is a truly exciting prospect in our days of urban anomie.

We now have the capability to make location-based games that are fun and have seamlessly integrated gameplay. We can now use dynamic maps as a platform for storytelling. Games such as ‘Shadow cities’ and ‘Ingress’ were two landmark games in the segment, however, they suffered from a lack of engaging Player vs Player element and a very rudimentary gameplay. The lack of NPC (Non-playing characters) in these games meant that there had to be a critical mass of players before the game got interesting. This also meant that players in small towns or rural areas would never be at the hub of the action.

‘Delta T’ an AR location based MMO based on time travel is a recent entrant into the genre and is generating quite a bit of hype in the segment. It promises an engaging Player v/s Player element and also has NPCs to ramp up the engagement within the game. It will be interesting to see whether the audience laps this up or it meets the same fate as ‘Shadow cities’, but it is certain that 2016 will be the year of location based gaming.



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