Cosmo stellar

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Allen Maverick

Founder, CEO

cosmo stellar

  • Founded in
  • Founder
  • Net Value
  • Core Business
  • Head Quarters
  • June 2024
  • Allen Maverick
  • 145.75 Trillion
  • Aerospace
  • San Francisco, USA

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Core Belief

Space Exploration took off in early 2020 once Rover III set up the first electrolysis experiment to extract oxygen from the Martian atmosphere. For the very first time in human history, it seemed that the only thing that inhibited us from setting up a colony on Mars was the man and the motivation to get us there.


Founded by Allen Maverick, ex-NASA scientist, who pioneered the 2024 rover V missions. Cosmo Stellar believes that Earth cannot be saved. The human race was born on earth but it was never destined to end here. Earth is now uninhabitable and a mass exodus to Mars is the only way to preserve mankind.

Choose Your Wing

DeltaT,Mobile, game,AR, MMORPG


Passionate and untamed with razor sharp intellects, capable of plotting the most devious plans.

DeltaT,Mobile, game,AR, MMORPG


They are innately resourceful with a flair for strategy, known for their grit and hustle on the field.

DeltaT,Mobile, game,AR, MMORPG


The finest warriors with a taste for combat, skilled at handling heavy weaponry and born fearless.