to the hyper-immersive

The future is under siege; resources are scarce as four Megacorps wage war for world dominance. The ‘Titan wars’ have left the planet ravaged. The only way out is to alter the past and end this war before it even begins.


Ally yourself with one of the Megacorps and erase the timelines of your rivals in the present to permanently alter the future. The Megacorps are sending back information to the past through energy cores set up across the world. You must intercept this information at any cost.


Each of the Megacorps firmly believes that they hold the key to saving the human race. Only one can survive, whom do you trust to avert the apocalypse?



It is a battle of ideas, each one believes they hold the key to saving our future.



Pick a Wing from Research, Engineering, or Military and hone yourself to be battle ready.




Play as a lone wolf or assemble your own battle clan for the ultimate competitive edge.



Real world gameplay, interactive maps, clan wars, global and local community events.

Delta T Origins

The war for our collective future has begun, the fate of the human race lies in making a choice. The Megacorps have started gaining critical momentum, time to pick your side

 cosmo stellar

Leading the mass exodus of the human race to Mars. The journey is treacherous but it seems to be the only way to save the legacy of mankind.


Forging an indestructible race of cybernetic humans. Combining Machine AI with Organic Intelligence to create a new breed of humans.


Creating a virtually invincible genetically engineered strain of humankind. Expediting Darwinian evolution to create a super adaptive mutant generation.

c60 labs

Building a brave new world using the advances in nanotechnology. Developing a nanobot driven healing factor that makes humans nearly immortal.


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