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Core Gameplay Actions

  • Collecting Time Credits
  • You can collect TC from Mines around you once they are captured by you or if they are allied to your Megacorp.

  • Capturing enemy Cores
  • Capturing Cores helps you Power your Base and allied Bases belonging to your Megacorp.

  • Setting up a Base
  • You need to plant a Base to establish the dominance of your Megacorp in a region and participate in Cluster battles. You can set up a Base by planting a Base seed from your inventory.

    Hint: Plant your Base at an accessible location where there are enough allied Cores that can be connected to Power it.

  • Connecting Cores to Power your Base
  • Bases need Power to function. Connect Cores to your Base with the Vector Mod to Power it as well as the Mods installed on it.

    Note: If a Base is in Power profit (Surplus Power from connected Cores and/ or incoming Base connections) then it starts generating TC for its owner. A portion of this TC can also be collected by allies.  

    Steps to connect Cores to your Base:

    • Deploy Vector Mods on both Core and your Base.

    • Click on the Vector Mod installed on the Core.

    • Select your Base from the list of allied Bases.

    • Approve the Power connection from your Inbox.

  • Upgrading and customizing your Base
  • Upgrading a Base increases the number of Mod slots available and makes it more resistant to enemy attack. The higher the level of a Base the higher its health, its ability to attack enemies and the more Powerful it is in a Cluster battle.

    Steps to upgrade your Base:

    • Bases need both Energy and TC to be upgraded.

    • You can either upgrade your Base as a solo player or get allied players to contribute towards upgrading your Base.

    • Once the required amount of TC and Energy is gained, you can upgrade your Base to the next level.

  • Connecting to allied Bases to start generating TM
  • If a Base is in Power profit and initiates a connection to another allied Base it starts generating TM for its owner (if the connection is accepted). If a Base has received connections from other allied Bases it receives a boost in its health, defense and attack capabilities.

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