The year is 2050, the Megacorps hold complete political and economic power. They have overthrown governments and control the world amongst themselves. A great war looms on the horizon, the rift between the Megacorps threatens to end civilization. The only way out is to end this war before it even begins.

A cabal of renegade scientists have created the Delta T framework, capable of influencing the String Network and transmitting information back in time. The framework alters the very source code of the universe, gives us a chance to avert this collision course. It gives us the tools to alter our future.

We have been entrusted to be the Timekeepers, the battle for the future will be fought in our days.

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Join the battle for our tomorrow!
by DeltaT Admin 2018-03-30

The open beta of our Time-travel based AR MMO ‘Delta T’ hits the Play Store today. Our aim with Delta T is to bring  MMO level str...

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Delta T Beta: Update from the devs desk
by DeltaT Admin 2018-02-14

We realize that you’ve been awaiting news about the upcoming Delta T Open Beta for a while now. This is to fill you in on what’s cookin...

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Delta T is now Beta-bound!
by DeltaT Admin 2017-12-13

We are done crunching some critical numbers for the beta and are humbled by the response we’ve got so far for Delta T’s closed beta. We...