We’ve always found explanations for things we don’t understand in ‘God’, somehow the idea of an invisible puppet master pulling the strings of the universe appeals to us. It gives us a sense of meaning, of fate, of destiny.

Imagine if the ‘strings of the universe’ were in our hands, would we do better?
The smartest minds of our generation have told us, we may be living in a simulation. If so what is the code behind it? What if we could infect it, change it, manipulate this ‘cosmic code’.

Enter the universe of ‘Delta T’, our attempt to rewrite destiny. Choose from four Megacorps each with their own brand of patent tech and a unique vision for our world.

It’s your chance to fight for and craft the future you believe in. Locate energy cores that are infecting the string network and erase the timelines of rival Megacorps.

This is humanity’s second chance. We can create a future of peace but we need to make the choice today, we need to pick a side.

Megacorp Origins
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Enter the Augmented Reality MMO gameverse of 'Delta T', an ambitious AR MMO with a sci-fi storyline of epic proportions.

The story unfolds according to real time gameplay and dominance. Core mechanics include location-based gameplay, clan wars, urban exploration and territorial dominance.

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