Delta T is now Beta-bound!

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  • 2017-08-30


We recently closed the Delta T alpha and it’s been a difficult decision to go offline. We never expected the kind of response we got and neither did we know how difficult it would be to pull the plug on the alpha. Now that the dust has finally settled and the Delta T alpha has come to a close, we can take a look at the big question, how well did the alpha perform?

The alpha was played in over 81 countries

This was a shocking statistic for the entire team since we pushed the alpha only in 12 countries officially. The word spread through the grapevine and we got requests from all over the world for alpha access. We also received a lot of offers from the community to help localize content for the game. This reinforced our belief that once we’ve nailed the product the community will kick into overdrive to ensure it becomes a success. We found quite a few ambassadors internationally, with some going to the lengths of printing their own merchandise. It was really touching to see the kind of impact the game had on so many people’s lives.

7000+ Installs

We had made the decision to push the alpha version to only 2000 players. The closed alpha was invite only and we had set our eyes on testing it thoroughly with these few players before opening it up. However, the momentum really picked up on its own, towards the end of the alpha, we saw over 1,500 daily active users and 7,000+ installs with little to no marketing.

2.19 Million minutes of playtime

We saw an average session duration of 17 minutes and roughly over 2.2 million minutes of playtime in 50 days that the alpha was live. This was the most encouraging statistic from the alpha as it meant that even in the alpha stage the game was fun to play. We wanted the game to have longevity and even in its most rudimentary form the alpha version did achieve it.

960% Organic growth in signups

This was the cherry on top of the icing. The virality and word of mouth surrounding the alpha drove signups almost 10X. This growth was mostly driven by in-game invites by existing alpha players, the community kicked in and really promoted the game amongst their social circles. Delta T is heavily focussed on clan-based mechanics and is driven by collaborative gameplay. This virality reinstated our faith that we could hit the critical mass of players required for the game to be fun and fast paced.​​​​​​​

66,000+ Hits on our forum

We received over 1500+ posts on our forums and over 66,000 hits. We’ve learned a lot and collected oodles of feedback through the forums and across channels such as Telegram, Whatsapp and Discord. This was one of the most crucial metrics for the alpha as it showed us that people were passionate about our vision. It also showed us that we could bank on the community to tell us exactly what they wanted for the beta.


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