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  • By DeltaT Admin
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  • 2018-03-30


The open beta of our Time-travel based AR MMO ‘Delta T’ hits the Play Store today. Our aim with Delta T is to bring  MMO level strategy to the AR genre. We believe that AR gaming is the future and we wanted to develop an IP that was built from the ground up to suit the versatility that the platform offers.

We have focussed on creating location-based mechanics that can support gameplay both at a local and at a global level. Perfecting the balance between solo gameplay, multiplayer mechanics and battle systems that allow for incremental difficulty and depth.

The virality that we saw with the closed beta, which spread to 116 countries and the kind of stir it created amongst the community told us we were on the right path. We’ve built this game over a two-year development cycle, working closely with you, the community, on the mechanics of the game. Your feedback gave us a clear direction on what you wanted the game to be. In some cases, it required us scrapping entire mechanics, rethinking some, and a helluva lot of iterations.

We are thankful for the kindness, support, and patience we've seen from all of you leading up to this point. We are proud of what we've built and also the way we've built it. Now that we’re drawing to the end of the development cycle and moving into liveops, there is one thing that we are sticking to for sure and that is listening to our players.

We hope that you enjoy playing this game as much as we've enjoyed building it!

Goodluck and Godspeed, Timekeeper!



  • hari
  • |
  • 19-04-2018


  • Ninni
  • |
  • 23-04-2018

I have no idea How to play the beta with iOS... I got TestFlight and now what do I do ?

  • Doron sanker
  • |
  • 01-05-2018

When is the full release of the game for iOS

  • alain le moal
  • |
  • 17-05-2018

Peu ton avoir une version française du jeux qui serait plus facile pour comprendre le jeux

  • Maurice Smith
  • |
  • 19-05-2018

Phenomenal job....I believe y'all Goin take over ingress....from the graphics to the gameplay....3d map with Google puts ya in my personal rankings of number 1, ...based on the development I've experienced in my short time playing, I thrive to see the future additions with AR cam and association with fellow players... Godspeed ADMIN. Razorrabb.

  • Todd Blandford
  • |
  • 26-05-2018

iOS release????

  • Buddha Raj Rai
  • |
  • 09-01-2019

Plz solve the gps issue the game is unable to locate me even when my gps is on ... Some other players from India is also facing this issue ... Fix it ....

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