Leveraging communities in mobile gaming

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  • 2017-08-30


Almost every game today be it PC, console or mobile has some element of multiplayer gameplay. This leads to the formation of online communities around the game. In some cases, they are welcoming and help players learn, grow and socialize with like-minded gamers while some are hostile and a hotbed for trolling.

Either way, the power of communities has not been leveraged in mobile gaming on the scale of PC gaming. Games such as Clash of Clans, Ingress and Pokémon Go have been successful to some extent but compared to PC games such as Eve Online, WOW or Minecraft they are relatively feeble. A healthy community can vastly improve the game and is integral in creating a game that has longevity.

Lessons from Eve Online

Eve is one of the notoriously difficult games to learn for any gamer as it has a steep learning curve. It is a sandbox game set in a science fiction universe with accurate systems and economies. The space simulator has managed to create one of the most loyal communities for any RPG. The players of the game are extremely invested, so much so, that an actual democratic body called as the CSM (Council of stellar management) exists as a real-world representation of their virtual presences.

The dedicated community of Eve has even created certain factions such as ‘Eve university’ which take a new player under their wing to help and handhold them through the game. These initiatives which are taken up by fellow players show the potential of a healthy community in retaining and even getting new players to join.

This is the reason why players are still playing the game close to 13 years after its launch. Eve still attracts new players to the game who are enamoured by the scale that the community has managed to achieve. We wanted to achieve something on similar lines for mobile gaming with ‘Delta T’ our Augmented Reality MMORPG. AR with its location-based gameplay could potentially enhance the community experience of MMORPGs and we wanted mobile gamers to get a taste of it.

Developing democracies in gaming universes

The alpha testing of ‘Delta T’ revealed that mobile gamers were increasingly craving more complex gameplay similar to titles available across PC and consoles. Mobile gaming is often ignored by bigger game studios as they believe that the competition by Indie games cuts up the profit pie. The lack of resources of smaller indie studios means that they would rather invest in many casual titles at the same time and flood the market rather than investing time and money on larger projects. The freemium model of most mobile games also affects how developers see mobile as an investment. This leads to the conundrum that the mobile gamers miss out on premium content and have to settle for casual often half-baked games leaving them frustrated and unwilling to spend upfront on mobile games.

This is where we wanted to come in and provide a markedly different experience for our gamers. Our Augmented Reality game ‘Delta T’ will look at providing mobile gamers an MMORPG experience with a strong ‘community element’ that is missing in most casual games. We figured that for such a community to build around a game will require ‘game design’ that fosters collaborative gameplay. This kind of ‘community focus’ was missing in existing games on the market which were oriented towards single player experiences.

We decided to create our game ‘Delta T’ in such a way that it requires coordination and planning at a global level with stories and IP that can keep players invested. We are also looking a creating channels within the game for gamers to interact and start communities. ‘Delta T’ being an augmented reality game means that players who connect virtually can also choose to meet up in real life. This means that clans that form within the game will have their very own hierarchies, roles and defined structures that mimic real life. We are aiming to create a kind of democracy that will open up new possibilities for community-based gameplay.

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