Weâre completely revamping our mining mechanic, hereâs the scoop!

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  • 2017-10-11


Over the past few weeks we received a lot of feedback from the community on the existing mining mechanic, based on all your suggestions we have devised a way to make it less of a chore and a lot more fun for players. The newly (planned) mining mechanic will spawn ‘Zones’ around the player where they can mine for items. These zones are defined circular areas (refer to UI) which spawn and disappear around the player’s location. This is designed to make mining more accessible and less cumbersome for players and allow them to mine for items while in transit.

These zones will be visible to the player when they switch to a ‘Mining view’ using a toggle switch which will be placed on the main map screen. There will be an energy cost every time the player switches the toggle to the mining view. The players need to move towards these zones when they are looking to mine for items. The items within a zone will be hidden to the player until they enter it. Once a player enters a zone, the items near the player within their AOI (Area of Interaction) will be available for the player to tap and collect.

To introduce an element of competitiveness, if there are more rival players belonging to a different Megacorp in the same zone as the player, an energy drain will be initiated over time. As there is a higher risk involved in mining such a Zone, the player will receive Bonus items as a reward.

Skill Tree for Mining

  • Players with L1 Mining skill will see Zones with visual variations according to the number of items in the Zone. A Zone that has not been mined by any player is represented in dark purple while a zone that has been mined (contains fewer items) by another player is represented in a lighter shade with a ripple effect. This will allow players to make a decision whether to mine a particular zone or not.
  • Player with L2 Mining skill will see the zones with an indicator for item quality/level. The indicator has three bars to represent item quality. If one of the bars is illuminated it denotes that the aggregate level of the items is low, if two bars are illuminated the aggregate level is medium and if three are illuminated the aggregate level is high.
  • On entering a zone a player with L3 Mining skill can view item details outside their AOI as well. This means that the player can click on the item outside their AOI to view the item type and name. The player can then choose to move towards the item to pick it up or choose to leave it unpicked.

Check out the UI flow of the proposed mining mechanic below.

Note: The UI mockups are representational and might differ from the final version in the game


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