Frequently asked questions

Getting started in Delta T

  • How do I download Delta T on my device?
  • For Android Users:

    If you have already signed up for the open beta you will receive a mail with the Download link to access the game. Clicking the link will lead players to Delta T’s Play store listing. You can download the latest version of the game to start playing.

    For iOS Users:
    You will receive a mail from Apple stating that you have been invited by Empower Labs to try out Delta T. You will need to install Test Flight from the App Store to view Delta T’s listing. Once you have downloaded Test Flight, you can download the latest version of the game to start playing.

    If you are facing issues downloading, installing or launching Delta T Beta, here is a list of ways you can troubleshoot the process -

    1. Check if you have Google Play Games installed. If not, install it first and complete the setup.

    2. Sign out of all your Google Accounts and sign-in with the email you have signed up for Beta.

    3. Clear your Google Playstore cache. You can do it from Settings >> Applications >> Google Play Store >> Storage.  

    4. Click on the download link in the invite email and install Delta T

    5. Launch Delta T

    If you are still facing issues with launching the game write into with an attached screenshot of the issue.


  • How do I play on different devices?
  • The game is linked to your google account and can be accessed through any smartphone or tablet from the same account. However, the game cannot be accessed from two devices simultaneously.

  • What permissions does Delta T need?
  • Delta T requests access to


    To access account data.

    Media Storage

    Uses one or more files on the device such as images, video or audio and the devices external storage. Enable storage permissions to allow the app to read game data from storage. 


    Approximate location (network-based) and precise location (GPS and network-based) is used to enable location-based gameplay elements and to track player movement in relation to the game map.

  • How do I pick a Megacorp in Delta T?
  • Each Megacorp is driven by its own ideology and vision for the future. Make sure you read up about all the Megacorps within the game and on our website and check out for allied and rival players in your locality before choosing a faction. You can find out about players active in your area here.

  • What are the different structures found in the game?
  • There are 3 types of structures that can be found in the game (Cores, Bases, and Mines) each serve a unique purpose for your Megacorp. Capturing a structure adds to the dominance of your Megacorp and helps other allied players of your Megacorp.

  • What are Cores? What is their role in the game?
  • Cores are the primary energy source in the game. Once a Core is captured they can be used to harvest energy. Captured Cores can be used to Power Bases by connecting them using a Vector Mod.


    1. Cores can be upgraded using TC, a higher level Core produces more Energy and Power.

    2. Cores can also be installed with Mods to protect them against enemy attack.

  • What are Mines? What is their role in the game?
  • A Mine generates TC over time. Mines are dormant in a neutral state and start generating TC only when captured. This TC can be collected by you and other Timekeepers of your Megacorp. Mines can be upgraded using Energy. Higher level mines have a higher rate of TC generation.

  • What are Bases? What is their role in the game?
  • A Base is used to establish the dominance of your Megacorp through battles. Once you plant your Base you can create Clusters with allied Bases to participate in battles. Your Base starts generating TC for you over time if it is in Power profit (more Power supplied by cores than its requirement). Your Base starts generating TM over time if you have established a connection with an allied base (while in Power profit).

  • How do I set up a Base?
  • You can plant a Base using the Base seed from your inventory. Bases are required to participate in Cluster battles for your Megacorp. Bases are powered by Cores and can be customized by installing Mods to defend against enemy attack. Bases can be upgraded by contributing TC and Energy. Upgrading a Base increases the number of rings on a Base, in turn increasing the number of Mod slots on it. The higher the level of the Base, the more Power is required to maintain it.

    If the Power requirement of the Base is not met by connected Cores it goes into Meltdown (unstable) state, losing its rings and leveling down until the Power requirement is stabilized. The Power requirement of your Base, based on its level and the mods installed on it, can be viewed from your Base profile. You can meet the Power requirement of your Base by leveling up connected Cores or by connecting more Cores to your Base. A Base that is in Power profit (Surplus Power provided by Cores or through incoming Base connections) generates TC over time.


    • Plant a base where there are enough allied cores nearby to Power it.

    • Base cannot be planted in close vicinity of a rival or allied Base.

    • Each Base has a vault which allows a Timekeeper to collect and store unlimited TC.

  • How do I play Delta T?
  • As a solo player:

    Solo players can focus on capturing enemy structures in their areas such as cores and mines. They can also attack and level down enemy Bases to gain loot. Solo players can also plant and level up their own Base, customize it with mods and defend it against enemy attack.

    Collaborating with allies:

    Players can collaborate with allies to create their own Clusters (Battle formations). They can then initiate a battle against enemy Clusters to win Battle points for their Megacorp. The Base that wins the Battle points then has to connect to the Megacorp HQ or any Base connected to the HQ to add their Battle points towards the final dominance tally.

  • How do I generate weapons?
  • Generators can be used to generate weapons to attack enemy structures. You will need Energy to start generating weapons. You can queue the required number of weapons in their respective Generators and they are generated over time. L1 Generators are unlocked for you at the start of the game. You can unlock higher levels by using Skill points gained through completing Achievements or leveling up.

    Note: Each Generator has a certain health associated with its level. The health of the Generator dictates the number of weapons it can generate before being destroyed. You can restore the health of Generators using TC.

  • How do I level up my skills?
  • You can level up your skills from the Skill tree using skill points. These skill points are gained on leveling up or by completing achievements.

  • How do I trade items with other players?
  • You can choose to trade items such as Weapons, Mods, Metas and more from within the inventory section. You can select and add items to a trade cart and send a trade request to another timekeeper by entering their player name and requesting a bid amount.

    All trade requests and notifications show up directly in your inbox and you will be notified when a trade is accepted or rejected.

    Note: Some items such as Base seeds are non-tradable.

  • How do I scrap items?
  • Items can be scrapped from within the inventory section to free up inventory space. Scrapping an item also gives you an Energy Boost.

  • How do I add battle points won by my Base towards my Megacorpâs dominance?
  • The Megacorp HQ is a structure used to calculate the dominance share of your Megacorp worldwide. You can connect to your Megacorp HQ (using a Vector Mod) either directly by searching for ‘HQ’ from the Vector Mod UI or to a Base already connected to the HQ.  You must connect your Base to your Megacorp HQ before the end of the dominance cycle for Battle points earned by you in the cycle to be counted towards your Megacorps dominance.


    • There will be a limited number of direct connections which are permitted to the HQ.

    • The HQ is invincible and cannot be destroyed by attack or battle.

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