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Currencies, Items & Inventory

  • Types of Items
  • Weapons: Weapons are used to target enemy structures, they are of two types P2P (Point to Point) and AOE (Area of Effect). You can add weapons to your inventory by generating them.

    Mods: Mods can be installed on structures to protect them from enemy attack. Each mod has its unique defensive and attack properties. You can earn mods as loot and through daily rewards.

    Artifacts: Artifacts are one-time use items such as Core Seed, Base Seed, Anti Core etc. Artifacts can be earned through loot.

    Metas: Metas are items that you can use to gain special abilities.

  • Types of Weapons and their uses
  • Ballistic: Point to point weapon used to target enemy structures directly. This weapon does primary damage to structures along with secondary damage to the Mods installed on them. It can be dragged and dropped from the attack menu directly onto an enemy structure if it is within your interaction radius. Damage dealt increases with the level of the weapon.


    Blitz: Point to point weapon used to target Mods installed on enemy structures directly. This weapon does primary damage to Mods along with secondary damage to structures. They can be dragged and dropped directly onto an enemy structure.

    EMP: Area of Effect weapon used to target the enemy structures. It can be dragged and dropped anywhere within the interaction radius. It affects all structures within the weapon’s Area Of Effect. This weapon does primary damage to the structure along with secondary damage to the Mods installed on them. The range of this weapon increases with its level.

  • Types of Mods and their uses
  • Installing Mods on a structure:

    You can only install Mods that are equal or lower to your level. Mods when installed on your Base or allied Bases have a Power requirement (provided by Cores) however they do not consume any Power when installed on Cores or Mines. Mods can be earned through loot or bought from the in-game store.

    Shield Mod

    The Shield Mod can be deployed on a structure to protect against enemy attack. The Shield absorbs a percentage of the damage from the attack and protects the structure. The higher the health of the Shield Mod the longer it can resist enemy attack and the higher is the damage it absorbs.


    Crossfire Mod

    The Crossfire Mod adds to the intrinsic attack properties of a structure . It depletes the Energy of enemy attackers. The higher the level of the Mod the higher is its health as well as its attack capability.

    Cell Mod

    The Cell Mod is used to remotely heal structures as well as Mods installed on them. Once the Cell Mod is deployed on a structure you will be able to heal it provided you possess a Recharger (Meta).

    Vector Mod

    The Vector Mod can be used to connect Cores to an allied Base to Power up a Base as well as to connect allied Bases to create Clusters. Vector Mods have to be deployed on both structures to establish a connection. Once both Vector Mods are established, you can search for the structure (Core or Base) that you wish to connect with from the Vector Mod UI.

    Steps to establish a connection using Vector Mods:

    • Deploy Vector Mods on both structures you wish to connect.

    • Click on the Vector Mod installed on the structure you wish to initiate connection from.

    • Select the structure you wish to connect to from the Vector Mod UI.

    • Wait until the connection is approved by the player who owns the structure.

    X Mod

    An X Mod can be deployed to initiate a battle between two Clusters. The X Mod has to be deployed on Ring 1 of your Base to start a battle, once the X Mod is deployed players can choose the rival Base that they wish to target from the X Mod’s UI. Once the rival Base is selected two Clusters connected to the Bases get locked into battle for a period of two days.

    Note: A Timekeeper cannot initiate Cluster battle if he does not have any free slots available on his Base.

    Steps to initiate a battle using X Mod:

    • Deploy the X Mod on Ring 1 of your Base.

    • Click on the X Mod installed.

    • Search and select the rival Base you wish to attack from the X Mod UI.

    • The two Clusters are locked into a battle for a period of two days.


  • Types of Artifacts and their uses
  • Core Seed:

    A Core Seed is an item which is used to create a new Core. You will have few Core seeds in your inventory while starting out, use them wisely.

    Base Seed:

    A Base Seed is an item which is used to create a new Base. Every Timekeeper has a single Base Seed in their inventory that can be used to plant a Base at the desired location. If an enemy Timekeeper takes down a Base completely through direct attack, the Base Seed is returned to the Timekeeper who owns the Base. If the Timekeeper then plants a Base with the same Base Seed it is restored to a level lower than it was before being destroyed. The Base also loses any and all Mods that were deployed on it. Replanting a Base will have a redeployment cost which you will have to spend from your TC capacity

    Note: If your Base loses a Cluster battle it is destroyed and returns to you as a Base Seed. This Base Seed, if planted again, loses all its progress and is planted as a Level 1 Base.


    An Anti-Core is an item which can be used on any neutral Core planted by another player. It transforms the neutral Core into a Core seed which is added to your inventory. When you use an Anti-Core, the owner of the Core is notified that his/her Core has been stolen. They are also notified about the Core’s location once the stolen Core seed is planted.

  • Types of Metas and their uses
  • Recharger

    A Recharger is a Meta used to remotely heal structures. You can only heal structures where you have already deployed Cell Mods. If you have a Recharger you will be able to see all structures where you have deployed a Cell mod provided they are within range.

    Note: Rechargers have health that decays on every use. Once the health of a Recharger is depleted it is destroyed.

    Steps to heal a core/base using a Recharger:

    • Deploy Cell Mods on the structures that you want to heal remotely.

    • Click on the Recharger Meta from your inventory.

    • Select the structure you wish to heal.

    • Heal the structure whenever it is under attack or low on health.




    The Energy Overcharge is a Meta that enables you to use the Overcharge skill that can be unlocked through the skill tree. Once an Energy Overcharge is attached to your Energy bar, your overcharge ability is triggered when you are walking/ running. This allows you to store additional Energy over and above your intrinsic Energy capacity. The energy stored in the Overcharge bar can be viewed right below the regular energy bar on the player profile.


    The Overcharge has an intrinsic health that decays based on its usage. Once the health of a Overcharge is depleted it is destroyed.



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