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Battling rival Megacorps

  • How can I create a Cluster for my Megacorp?
  • You can create a Cluster for your Megacorp by connecting two or more Bases belonging to your Megacorp using a Vector Mod. Both Bases must have Vector mods installed on their Mod slots to establish a connection.

    Steps to connect to allied Bases:

    • Install Vector Mods on mod slots of both Bases.

    • Click on the Vector Mod installed from the Base profile.

    • Select the desired Base from the list of allied Bases.

    • Wait for the owner of the allied Base to accept the connection.

    • Once confirmed a Dominance connection will be established between both allied Bases.

  • What is a Cluster battle?
  • A Cluster battle is a battle between Clusters of two rival Megacorps. Battles are a way to establish the dominance of your Megacorp during a Dominance cycle. Each Cluster consists of a number of Bases that are connected together using Vector Mods. These Clusters can be pitted against another Cluster of a rival Megacorp using the X Mod.

    Each battle lasts a total of 2 days (48 hours). This timespan is available to Timekeepers of either Megacorp to try and make their Cluster stronger or to take down the rival Cluster.


    • The Origin Bases (Initiator and  Target Base) in a battle can only be leveled down to L 1 during the battle and cannot be completely destroyed.

    • After a Cluster battle, the Origin Bases cannot participate in a battle for 48 hours.

  • How do I initiate a battle against an enemy Cluster?
  • Battle an enemy Cluster to gain TC as loot and to gain Battle points for your Megacorp. A battle between rival Megacorp’s Clusters can be initiated by deploying an X Mod. Once an X Mod is deployed, both Clusters involved are locked in a battle for a period of 2 days.

    The Bases directly involved in the battle (at either end of the X Mod connection) are together termed as Origin Bases. These Origin Bases stand to gain/lose the most in a Cluster battle. Amongst the Origin Bases, the Base that initiates the battle is also called the Initiator Base and the Base that is under attack is called a Target Base.

    Note: The X Mod can only be installed on a slot on Ring 1 of the Base that initiates the battle.

  • How do I calculate the strength of a Cluster?
  • Cluster strength is calculated by measuring the total Power profit (surplus Power that a Base has after meeting its own Power requirements) of the Origin Base in a Cluster from Core connections and incoming Base connections (Primary and Secondary).

    Cluster Strength (X) = Profit Power (X) + 0.5 x Profit (A/1+B/1+C/1+D/1) x KL+ .25 x Profit (C1/3 + C2/1 + B1/1 + B2/2 + D1/1) x KL

  • How is the winner of a Cluster battle decided?
  • The Cluster that has a higher Cluster strength at the point of resolution of the battle (After 2 days of initiating battle) is declared the winner of the Cluster battle. The Cluster strength is based on the total Power profit generated by a Cluster.

  • What are the rewards for winning a Cluster battle?
  • A Base is declared the winner of a battle if it has a higher Cluster strength with respect to the enemy Megacorp’s Cluster at the point of resolution of a battle (after 2 days).


    The winning Cluster will get a TC reward which is dependent on the TC generation capacity of the Bases involved in the losing Cluster. This TC reward would be distributed to the owners of the Bases that were involved in the battle. The owners of the Bases in the winning Cluster will also be awarded XP.

    The winning Cluster is also awarded Battle points for each battle which is calculated as the difference of Power profit between the winning and the losing cluster. These Battle points are accumulated to the Origin Base of the winning Cluster.

  • What happens if I lose a Cluster Battle?
  • A Base loses a battle if it has a lower Cluster strength with respect to the other Megacorp’s Origin Base at the point of resolution of a battle. The losing Cluster will lose all the incoming connections along with the Vector Mods used for creating the connections.

    The TC generated by the losing Cluster for the span of the battle will be forfeited and given as loot to the winning Cluster’s Base owners.

    At the end of a Cluster battle, the losing Cluster’s Origin Base will be destroyed and will return to the owner of the Base as a Base seed. This Base seed if planted again at any location will plant as a Level 1 Base.

  • What are Dominance cycles?
  • A Dominance cycle is a timeframe of 7 days (Friday to Friday) which is used to periodically calculate Megacorp dominance. Once a Dominance cycle is closed the completed battles that occurred within the timeframe and their effects on the timeline are permanent.

  • How is Dominance calculated for a Megacorp?
    • The overall Dominance of a Megacorp is calculated using Battle points and is tallied at the end of every 7 day Dominance cycle (Friday).

    • For every battle that is won by a Megacorp Battle points accumulate to the Origin Base of the winning Cluster.

    • The Origin Base has to connect to the Megacorp HQ (Each Megacorp has an HQ Base that can be found on the Battlemap) directly by searching for ‘HQ’ from the Vector Mod UI or to a Base connected to the HQ for its Battle points to be added to the final Dominance calculation.

    • The Megacorp with the highest Battle points at the end of a Dominance cycle wins the cycle.

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