Frequently asked questions


  • What is the battle map?
  • The Battle map can be used to view the global strength of each of the Megacorps and plan battle strategies accordingly. The players can use it to gather information about allied and enemy Cores and Bases as well as to simulate the result of Cluster battles.

  • Where can I view the Dominance of Megacorps over time?
  • Dominance history shows the details of the strength of each Megacorp in the previous dominance cycles.

  • What are the major features available on Battle Map?
  • The default map view shows all the Base to Base connections and the allied Bases of the player’s Megacorp. The information can be filtered according to zoom levels by which players can filter high-level bases from low-level bases. At the highest zoom level, the player can also view Cores and Mines in their area.

  • How do I search for structures on the Battle Map?
  • You can search for in-game structures using their unique search IDs. Each structure will have a prefix and a unique number assigned to it. The prefixes are ‘&’ for Base ‘$’ for Core ‘#’ for Mine and ‘*’ for Battle

  • What is the Battle log?
  • The Battle log shows you the ongoing battles that your Megacorp is involved in. The colour of the marking on the graph is dependent on the rival faction. The Battle log represents the number and importance of the battles in a cycle. The number of dots shows the number of ongoing battles. Clicking on a dot (battle) will give the details of the bases (Cluster) involved in the battle as well as other details of the battle. Each battle will have its own unique battle ID. Clicking on a battle from the battle log reveals the bases involved in the battle. Players can apply filters in the battle log to find battles ending within the next 12/24 hours.

  • How can I simulate a Cluster battle?
  • The Battle simulation view can be used by players to simulate and visualize the result of initiating attacks on other bases. This view gives the present cluster strength of the player’s faction and the enemy cluster strength after considering the target base. The player can view enemy bases of one Megacorp at a time using the Megacorp filters.

    Click on your base that you want to initiate the battle from, then click on the enemy base (in the enemy cluster) that you want to attack. An attack connection will be simulated (represented as a dotted line) and will give you details of yours and enemy cluster strengths. The simulation will also show all of the bases involved in the battle for your cluster and the enemy cluster.


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