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  • 2018-06-21 11:16:02

ATTENTION Timekeepers!

In a timeline parallel to the FIFA World Cup, our Timekeepers have decided to begin a fight for dominance of their Megacorps with what they like to call the ‘Delta T World Cup’.

One of our Community Managers has taken the initiative to get the event up and running, so hurry up and join @DeltaFootball on Telegram since there are only 32 spots up for grabs.

Below are the details of how it’s going to work.

Entrants will be assigned a football team at random until there are 8 Timekeepers from each Megacorp.

Say, Russia plays Saudi Arabia today. The MegaCorp which was assigned the winning side, gets 5 bonus points.
Then, this MegaCorp battles out the opposing side in the game in the form of a cluster battle.

The winner of this cluster battle gets 10 bonus points for their MegaCorp.

Then we follow the official FIFA world cup matches and echo them with our cluster battles.

For more details, you can contact the organiser of this event, @FenrisTwolf on Telegram.