Shape the narrative with your gameplay

This story is driven by you, your decisions impact the game worldwide. Your actions as a player community directly influence the storyline.


Take down and capture enemy structures

Strike at the power sources of enemy Megacorps by capturing Cores, cripple their economy by capturing Mines and destroy enemy Clusters by taking down Bases.


Plant and fortify bases in the real world

Build and customize your base with mods to create an impenetrable fortress. The range of mods in the game allow you to customize your offense and defense capabilities.


Collaborate to create the perfect battle formation

Devise the perfect battle formation and lead your Megacorp Cluster to victory against the enemy. Connect your Base to allied Bases to form a powerful Cluster. The wrong formation can lead to crushing defeat.


Wage worldwide multiplayer battles

Strategize with your allies worldwide to battle enemy Clusters. Choose the perfect point of attack and initiate a battle. Each battle lasts two days and the tables can turn at any moment.


Strategic tools to give you the ultimate tactical advantage

Information is power in the future of warfare, gather data on your enemies and scope out the battlefield using Battlemap and Camera AR. Even the smallest difference can cost you the edge in battle.

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